Ivan R CAD Library 2.5

The Ivan R Cad Library is a .NET class library written in C# that allows you to incorporate the use of AutoCAD® DWG® files into your .NET applications. It currently supports versions R15 (R2000), R18 (R2004), R21 (R2007), R24 (R2010) and R27 (R2013). Ivan consists of a single .NET assembly and is very fast, lightweight and easy to use.

You can use Ivan to load DWG® files then access all the contents of those files including objects, entities, sections, xdata, xdictionaries, xrecords, etc. Essentially, the entire contents of the drawing file are at your disposal. As the drawing is loading, Ivan checks all Crcs, Checksums and Check Data within the file to ensure its integrity and issues an exception if the file is corrupt.

  • supports R15, R18, R21, R24 and R27.
  • verifies all crcs and check data.
  • small memory footprint.
  • extremely fast.
  • ideal for web servers.
  • exposes all objects and entities.
  • exposes all sections.
  • compatible with all .net languages.
  • free and responsive support.
  • royalty free distribution.

Download a trial version of Ivan and experiment with the library. The trial includes the Ivan R Library, a ready to run sample application called, IvanExplorer, along with its Visual Studio project and a sample drawing to view and explore.

Only $99